Mare L black marmble
Mare L black marmble
Mare L black marmble


Mare is a design pot which can be used for both design plants and regular plants. It can not be used for trees, it’s too small. Unfortunately.

Mare is a high-quality gypsum composite object. Carefully designed and handcrafted in house raccouns atelier. Mare is perfectly suited for a little plant. Small standard sized plant containers pop right in without the need for the addition or removal of earth. It is also a great companion for a tealight whenever you need to add some coziness to the night. It’s a great vessel for your favorite airplants, a little pot for your cutlery or anything else you see fit. This item comes with a beautiful gift box.

Due to its handcrafted character, each object is completely unique and can differ from the shown pictures

colour: black marmble

plants not included



Handcrafted, waterproof and candle proof.
 Ø large 8,5 cm

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